your investment

We are our best capital for this life. By learning to know ourself better, understanding the way we function best and learning to trust our inner self we open the door to an Harmonious, Loving and Joyful life.

I help people connecting with their inner light, higher consciousness and embody it in the 3D world. We have so many tools here available to us waiting to be used.

I dedicated time and money as investment in myself for the past 10 yrs and can truly feel the courage, love and joy that entered in my life each step of the way.

Are you ready for the Voyage?  Here is what I have to offer :

Quantum human design reading

90min reading over the phone or Zoom

A foundational reading where I go through your body graph with you.and explain how to use your inner Authority and strategy at its'best. 

Understanding my Human Design allowed me to truly BE who I knew I was but didn't allow to. To know more...

Human design

$ 133 Discovery Program

$ 88 Sustaining session

YOga therapy

Based on Yoga principales adapted to the individual this program helps you to feel better in your own body, calm the mind and open yourself to higher consciousness if you want to.

This Program includes :

- an Initial consultation

- a tailored practiced for you to practice on your own

- a teaching of your practice

- a 30min follow up session for questions and adjustments

Yoga therapy works well with most body symptoms*

*this doesn't replace advices from your general practician

Morning routine Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss
magic sky. Virginie Crouzat

Mentoring 1:1

Assessment of you current state of mind, body and spirit and expressing the vision of  where you want to BE and go. Following Yoga principles, Human Design, life experience and my healing facility I guide through a deeper connection to yourself.

60 min call followed by 1 week of Voxer support

Pranayama Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss

Vie in Bliss Program

A 3 months mentoring program where I take you on a journey to find yourself, guide you through bold moves to BE who you want to be and start living the life that is meant for you with joy, love and fun.

Includes - 6 x 1h call - Voxer support - Personalised exercises

Energy Healing*

Energy healer for 6 yrs, I am a certified Reiki Master and Magnified Healing Master. I now use my own modality and my direct connection to source.

I focus on life force energy throughout the body, amplified your inner light and transform blockages when allowed by your higher self.

Healing comes with a feedback and possible exercises for you to practice to ensure long term and sustainable improvement. 

*this doesn't replace advices from your general practician


For my existing students/Clients 

Happy Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss

Phone call to a friend

Last minute call request to speak to a friend with empathy and non judgement.

In the aim to create more connection between humans I offer this 30min call to my existing clients and student to reach me as a friend when needing. I keep the cost low to make it accessible.

online YOga class

An online guided class to help my student progress and get back to a routine.

This offer is here in case you need it.

Yoga Surf tuf Virginie Crouzat Yoga Bliss

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